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17 August 2015 @ 09:07 pm
One Year~~  
As you can see I have a new laptop now *yeah. Its been a long time since i write anything in here.

Well without i realize, it has been a year since i join this fandom.. A whole hell of a year if you ask me. Many things had happend to me. Anyway that is another story. So in this post i would like to talk about how can i stumble into this Arashi fandom. And for your information English is my second language and maybe i will slip a little bahasa in this post so please bear with me.

It all started when i saw Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I watch that drama when i was 15 year old if im not mistaken. As i watch it i immediately fall in love with Mizushima Hiro (i mean he is so cute and handsome kot how can i not like him). His character in that drama is so cool and handsome and smart and funny and cute and so dreamy. Ahem. Sorry about that. And its end there and lets fast forward to a few year ahead to 2014.

I was at matriculation kedah for one year at that time. One day i borrowed my roommate external hard disk cause she also an otaku like me (but at that time im not a hardcore otaku so im not familiar with all japanese actor) and she has a lot of japan drama in her hard disk. So as im searching for a good drama to watch, i saw a video called VS Arashi. The video is in a very low pixel and i cant hardly make up their face. But i still continue too watch it cause im a curious type of person.

And as the show goes on i realize it is one of the funniest thing ive ever seen and i even mistook Matsujun for Mizushima Hiro. and then i thought "oh i didnt know Hiro has this some kind boy band group". So i gooogled for Mizushima Hiro boy group but i got nothing. So i being me, I spent my whole weekend google-ing the show cause i need to know who the hell make me laugh like orang gila. Finally i make a conclusion, that boy group name is Arashi and they have show name VS Arashi and there is no way Mizushima Hiro is in that group.

Since then I started to search for more of their show and gradually i started to fall in love with them. I remember how i thought how can an idol be so dorky like that but at the same time so cute (well at that time im sooo into kpop and whatsoever but not anymore). So i spent most of my free time to downloading their old and new show. Ive never fell regret or ashamed to fall in love and be their fan. Bak kata orang kedah 'Biaq pi la depa tu nak kata apa pun'.

So that is my story of how i know who Arashi is and how ive been in this fandom for almost a year and half now. I know im not a good writer and ive some grammatical error here and there, so thank you for read this.

Here is my favourite Arashi picture <3
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